Our Vision and Mission

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Our Vision

 Council for Children’s Rights envisions a community committed to standing up, speaking out, and acting to ensure every child’s right to be safe, healthy, and well-educated.

 Our Mission

Council for Children’s Rights improves the lives and futures of children in Mecklenburg County through legal representation, individual advocacy, and by addressing community-wide issues through research and policy work.

Our Work

Council for Children’s Rights defends and champions the rights of children to be supported and treated with fairness, compassion, and respect, regardless of personal obstacles.

We work to achieve our mission by:


  • Providing legal services and advocacy for individual children in the areas of child welfare, custody, delinquency, mental health, and special education.
  • Engaging our community to use research that informs policies, improves systems, and solves complex problems facing children.
  • Educating and training professionals, parents, and others who represent, work with, and care for children to become more effective advocates.
  • Collaborating with community partners by providing expertise, leadership, and support to create cooperative solutions that achieve better outcomes for our children.

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