As school starts across our county this week and next, Educator Mary Lynne Calhoun weighs in with a few thoughts on why attendance matters and what we all can do to help children succeed in this Viewpoint piece from The Charlotte Observer. 

School absenteeism should worry us all

by Mary Lynne Calhoun, special to the Observer


Mary Lynne Calhoun

“Have you ever had a school-anxiety dream?

“Such dreams might involve walking into a classroom and facing an exam that you didn’t know about, or perhaps you missed the exam entirely. Maybe you’re racing down the hall and can’t find the correct classroom, or your locker.

“For adults, such nocturnal anxieties are easily dismissed after waking. But for too many children and teens in Charlotte, just making it to school is a major source of daily anxiety.

“Children in poverty often face substantial barriers to school attendance, including unstable housing, transportation and after-school issues, and health problems due to lack of access to good medical care. These hurdles frequently lead to chronic absenteeism.”

Read the entire Charlotte Observer Op Ed here:

August 2015

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