Community Bookshelf at County Courthouse

The Community Bookshelf is a current program of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, providing a literacy-rich environment beyond traditional library locations.

In partnership with Council for Children’s Rights, the Library has established a new Community Bookshelf at Family Court on the 8th floor of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse.

The purpose of this program is to reach out to the youth and families who find themselves in the juvenile court system, providing them with convenient access to books, resources and services that could benefit the Council’s clients and their families

Bringing a community bookshelf to the Courthouse was the idea of staff attorneys from Council for Children’s Rights.  Frequently in courtrooms at juvenile court, they saw the need and believed that families and youth coming to court would benefit from a library program.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library was ready to assist and provided the materials to make the idea a reality.  In addition to regularly stocking the shelves with books and resource materials, Library staff and Council volunteers will host programs to help teens and families while they are in the courthouse. Unlike a library, those who take out books from the bookshelf are not borrowing the books, they can keep them.


Make a donation via our Community Bookshelf Amazon Wish List

Working with staff, judges, librarians and others we are identifying books and titles that we’d love to make available to our clients and their families.

Volunteer – we are currently developing a volunteer program to support the Community Bookshelf.  The time commitment would be two hours a week and some training is required.  If you are interested in learning more, contact LuAnn Ritsema, Director of Communication and Marketing.

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