In June, House Bill 879 was signed in to law by Governor Pat McCory.  The changes laid out in the “Juvenile Justice Reform Bill” have tremendous implications for the children we serve.   “While mostly technical in nature, the bill makes many changes to the Juvenile Code, which provides the statutory authority for how our juvenile courts operate.” notesjuvenile Justice 1 CFCR attorney, Mitch Feld. “These changes provide more protections to children, encourage zealous and holistic advocacy, and recognize their ongoing neurological development.”

State Juvenile Defender, Eric Zogry, has put together a concise and useful summary of some of the important details of the bill, their impact of the system and juvenile defendants, and a look at how the process of getting this legislation passed unfolded.

Worth a few minutes of your time:  North Carolina House Bill 879: An Unlikely Smooth Ride to Reform

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