Here at the Council, we were sad to learn of the passing last week of Judge William “Bill” Jones, one of our community’s true Bill Joneschampions for children.   His friend and colleague, Robert McCarter of the Council, remembers the vital role he played in our organization as well as in the larger community.

“Bill Jones was a vital part of the formation of the Children’s Law Center,” Robert shared.  “In fact the whole idea was generated following a Board of Directors meeting of Advocates for Children in Court.  Bill, Katie Holliday and I were all on that board and after the meeting we sat talking about the disparate results for children in various forums which had no common ties except for the children.  The discussion ultimately got around to how a law office for children might help resolve some of those problems.  It seemed a pretty fanciful idea at the time.  The next day, however, Katie and I decided to see if we could actually pull it off.  Of course the first person we talked to after that was Bill.  He, along with Chief Judge Jim Lanning, helped us clear bureaucratic hurdles we could not have cleared without them.

“As a Juvenile Court Judge Bill was able to always keep his focus on the child and the family, a quality which was appreciated by all of those who practiced in his courtroom and which helped Mecklenburg County be on the cutting edge of children’s issues nationally.  He was always a friend and a positive force for children here and nationally.”

His remarkable life and achievements are lovingly outlined in his memorial.  Council for Children’s Rights extends its sympathies to the family with gratitude for this life well lived.

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