Social Work Internships

CFCR social workers are dedicated to helping children on both the Children’s Defense Team (in delinquency proceedings) and the Individual Advocacy Team (in areas of mental health, education, health care and child welfare).

Social work interns for both of these teams will have the opportunity to assist CFCR social workers in interviewing clients, determining and identify services to meet the child’s needs, attending child andfamily team meetings, and interacting with service providers and the school system.

Requirements for Candidates:

M.S.W. candidate in 2nd year or advanced standing
Minimum graduate GPA 3.0
Demonstrated interest in working with children and families
Interest in holistic representation of children in juvenile justice system, including health, safety, and education
Experience in the field of child welfare, mental health/DD/SA, or special education is preferred
Specify whether interest is micro or macro


CFCR Internship Application

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