photo 1Council for Children’s Rights is in the news this week:  Mecklenburg Bar News features a profile of Executive Director Bob Simmons.  The cover feature, entitled I Love It When A Plan Comes Together, focuses on what is has been like for Bob to transition from the for-profit to the non-profit world.

“I have talked to a number of folks in the Bar since I moved from a 32-year commercial real estate law career with big firms—doing a lot of pro bono and community work in a parallel unpaid career—to a full-time position as the Council for Children’s Rights’ (CFCR) Executive Director (ED).

“Some people say they’re jealous because I have my “retirement job” and that it must be great to have gotten out of the long hours and high pressure of private practice.

“I admit that it is nice not to have to keep track of my life in six-minute increments or to bill clients, but the reality is that the hours are actually longer, the pressure is no less and the stakes are higher in many ways—both for the impact of my performance on the agency and for the impact of the agency on the lives of the children we serve……..”

Read the entire article:  Meck Bar Aug 2015 Bob Simmons Profile

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