Michael needed a superhero just like you.

Nothing Michael* ever did seemed to be good enough for his father.  His dad used to get angry…a lot. He yelled at Michael, threatened him, and made him feel worthless.  Sadly, these were just “normal” parts of a typical day in Michael’s eyes.

As you might expect, this took a big toll on Michael. His grades suffered, and he started getting into fights at school. Without the love and support he needed, Michael was becoming just another “bad kid” in the eyes of others. He even started to believe it himself.

A few years before, Michael’s mother had lost custody of him, and now she felt powerless to protect her child. She knew that, at just 13 years old, Michael needed someone to look out for him at such an important time in his life. But she didn’t think there was anything she could do.  Everything changed when Michael’s mother asked the court to help protect him. That’s where Michael found you, his light at the end of the tunnel. The judge appointed Council for Children’s Rights and, because of you, the Council was there to step in and protect Michael.

Council attorneys and volunteers worked with Michael and his parents to help create a bridge of support. After a thorough investigation, the Council brought their recommendations to the judge. The judge agreed to give custody of Michael back to his mother, and his father was ordered to receive treatment to help manage his anger.  A plan was put in place to continue checking in with Michael and his family to guarantee that the new arrangements were keeping Michael on the right track to a bright future.

Thanks to the generous support of people just like you, today, Michael is doing well, his grades are up, he doesn’t get in fights, and he’s happy. His father is doing better, too. They hang out on the weekends and even enjoy baseball games together.

Want to be a superhero to Michael and hundreds of children just like him?  Click here to make a difference today!


* Michael’s story is a composite of situations faced by real children in actual cases handled by Council for Children’s Rights. Details, names, ages, photos, and other facts have been altered to protect the identities of the children represented.  Thank you for your support of the children facing these very real situations.

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