Help for Children and Families

We are committed to helping children and families find the support and resources they need when they are facing a wide range of challenges.





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Get Involved -- Volunteer


We get by with more than a little help from our friends.  Looking for volunteers – attorneys and non-attorneys – to give a little of yourself and your time to make a real difference.


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Believe in Children

“All kids need is
a little help,
a little hope, and
somebody who believes in them.”
Ervin “Magic” Johnson
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Keeping Kids Safe Online

  As in the “real” world, children are vulnerable when they enter the world of the internet.  Even without meaning to, it is easy for them to come into contact with the darker side of the net.   In our work at the Council, we have become all too familiar with the...
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Editorial: HB 280 – The Right Thing to Do

by Bob SImmons, executive director In my 30 years working with and advocating for children, one thing is clear  children are like sponges soaking in what they see and experience.  When our political discussions include so much rhetoric that appears to devalue many of...
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HB 280 – Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Act – Introduced

MARCH 8, 2017:  This morning, Republican and Democratic members of the North Carolina House and Senate gathered together in support of House Bill 280, The Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Act. The primary bill sponsor Rep. Chuck McGrady (R-Henderson Co.), along with NC...
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Editorial: Children Come First – Then, Now, and Always

October 30 marks the end of 19 months since I became Executive Director of Council for Children’s Rights. While I was busy each day figuring out how to serve our phenomenal Staff as they serve our community’s children, the Council passed an important milestone: March...

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Council Urges Governor McCrory to Comply with PREA

Letter sent this week in support of implementation of the Youth Inmate Standard to Protect Children in Adult Prisons October 11, 2016 --  Council for Children’s Rights, a Charlotte-based non-profit offering legal representation and advocacy services for children in...

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Legal Services & Advocacy

We provide advocacy and legal services for children
in the areas of mental health, delinquency,
custody advocacy, special education,
and abuse and neglect.

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Research & Policy

We improve outcomes for children by working collaboratively with community partners to improve community infrastructure and increase the capacity and support of local child-serving agencies.
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Our People/Our Stories

We are a community:  of advocates, attorneys, children, parents, volunteers, community partners.

We are Council for Children’s Rights and these are our stories.


If we don’t stand up for children,

then we don’t stand for much.  

Marian Wright Edelman

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