Mary Orr WilsonMeet Mary Orr Wilson, 2015 Board Chair, Young Ambassadors Group

How did you get involved with Young Ambassadors?

I’ve worked closely with CFCR for several years through my work in the juvenile court system and with CMPD. As a juvenile court counselor, I worked on Child and Family Teams with various CFCR staff. I’ve always been impressed and inspired by work that Council does. I recently stopped working in the juvenile justice field and knew that I wanted to stay involved with Council. My friend Nancy, who is also an Education Advocate for Council, suggested that I become involved with YAG. This is my first year on the YAG Board and I’m looking forward to our upcoming events and raising awareness for the work that Council does!

What would you like to see YAG accomplish this year?

Of course, I’d like to see YAG grow in size and commitment. I’d like for our events to be financially successful, appealing to our age group and fun! Finally, I’d like to see the YAG Board continue its support of CFCR’s staff and mission.

Why should someone join YAG?

“The primary goal of our group is to raise support for CFCR and to increase public awareness about the issues facing Charlotte’s most vulnerable children. Through our events and volunteer efforts, we can and do make a difference, to the Council and to the children they help. Most young people I know are looking for ways to be involved and engaged in the Charlotte community and YAG is a great way to plug in! And, because YAG is made up of young professionals from a variety of backgrounds, our events are excellent networking opportunities! “

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