Staff Directory


Bob Simmons, JD — Executive Director

Christopher Brown – Director of Administration
A.J. Klein — Administrative Office Assistant

Children’s Legal Services

Children’s Defense Team (CDT)

Colleen Mullan, JD, MSW – Director of Children’s Defense
Laura Anderson, JD – Staff Attorney, Mental Health
Jamila Brockett, MPA– Program Assistant
Martin Cooper — Investigator
Staisha Hamilton, MSW – Social Worker
T.L. Larry,  JD – Staff Attorney
Breanne Mercer, JD – Staff Attorney
Christine Miller-Clarke, JD – Staff Attorney
Veronika Sykorova, JD – Staff Attorney

Custody Advocacy Program (CAP)

Ashley Neal, JD –Director of Custody Advocacy
Heather Lowman — Legal Assistant
Kira McCrary – Program Assistant
Ann Sanders, JD – Staff Attorney
Catherine Smith, JD – Staff Attorney
Peggy Thies, JD – Staff Attorney
Patti Tutone, JD — Staff Attorney

Individual Advocacy Team (IAT)

Heather Johnson, JD, MSW – Director of Individual Advocacy
Ellen Hamrick, JD – Staff Attorney
Kathleen Hutson, MSW – Social Worker
Stephanie Klitsch, JD – Asst. Director of Individual Advocacy
Caitlin Whalan, JD – Staff Attorney
Ilana Yanku  — Program Assistant

Communication and Marketing

LuAnn Ritsema – Director of Communication and Marketing


Amy Tribble – Director of Development
Taylor Boyles – Assistant Director of Development
Nancy Mulholland – Development Associate

Research and Policy

Emily Tamilin, MA – Director of Research and Policy
Jaimelee Behrendt-Mihalski, MA – Policy Advocate
Kriti Yadav, MPH – Research Associate

Volunteer Programs

Please direct inquiries about volunteer opportunities, including participation in our Custody Advocacy Volunteer Program, to  Coordination of these programs is currently handled by volunteers who work on a part-time basis.

Volunteer Coordinators

Laura McCready, JD – Custody Advocacy Volunteer Coordinator
Sara Holderness, JD – Custody Advocacy Volunteer Coordinator

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