corey-rogerswebFor nearly seven years, Cory Rogers has volunteered for Council for Children’s Rights, both as a member of the board for our Young Ambassadors Group (YAG), and currently as a member of the board of the Council where he as also serves as chair of the Finance Committee.

“You could not ask for a better board member,” says Nancy Mulholland, staff liaison for YAG.  “Cory is so committed to supporting the kids we serve and to promoting the work we do.  He’s a great ambassador and bring other on board for the cause.”

We asked Cory to share a bit of how and why he came to be involved with the Council and what keeps him coming back.  

How did you learn about Council for Children’s Rights/Young Ambassadors?

I was introduced to YAG through Andy Barbee, a board member at the Council.  When YAG was just starting out and looking for members, Andy reached out to a friend and former Grant Thornton colleague.  Through this friend (my boss at Grant Thornton), I was connected to Andy and YAG.

Why did you decide to join YAG?

I feel the Council for Children’s Rights plays an important role in our community and the lives of the children in Mecklenburg County.  In many situations a child may not have someone looking out for their best interests or voicing potential problems to the court, their school, or their parents.  I enjoy being a part of an organization that works to remedy these situations and acts as the child’s voice.  I believe, by advocating for these children, the Council provides children with opportunities that lead to better education, better jobs, and a better life overall.

What is the most rewarding aspect of this volunteer work?

Most of the time my volunteering consists of supporting the amazing staff at the Council and trying to raise awareness for the work they perform.  The most rewarding aspect for me is hearing the staff talk about the children whose lives they have impacted and seeing how excited they are about their work.  Every time I hear a story from our staff, I learn something new about the services we are able to provide and the tremendous amount of effort it takes.

Why would you encourage others to volunteer?

Volunteering at the Council or similar organizations allows you to make a direct, positive impact to an individual’s life.   Even small actions by a volunteer positively affect a person’s situation and the opportunities afforded to them.

Was there a particular highlight or memory of your time on the board you’d care to share? 

Being part of the winning team at this years Are You Smarter Than a Middle Schooler.

Vanilla or Chocolate? 


When you aren’t working and volunteering, what do you enjoy doing? 

I enjoy flat-water kayaking, backpacking, and travelling to new places with my wife.  When I can combine two of these three, it is always leads to a great trip.

Any other organizations/causes you support or are involved in? 

I support Classroom Central and the Arts & Science Council.

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