Council for Children’s Rights protects and advances the legal rights and development of children through individual representation, community education, and by addressing community-wide issues through systems advocacy, research, and policy work.


Council for Children’s Rights envisions a community that treats all children with fairness, compassion, and respect, and acts to ensure every child experiences equitable opportunity.

We stand up, speak out, and act to ensure every child’s right to be safe, healthy, and well-educated…

Even when he yells.

Even when she cries.

Even when they won’t speak at all.

Our Legal Teams for Children

He may yell because he is frustrated at school because of an undiagnosed learning disability.

Education Law Practice Area

We provide expert legal assistance to students who are in the juvenile delinquency or child welfare systems facing educational challenges, to parents and guardians of students who have special education, Section 504, or discipline-related issues, and to the community at-large through free training sessions.

Children are represented by the attorneys and support staff of our Education Law Program.

She may cry because her parents have forgotten that they love her more than they hate each other.

Family Law Practice Area

We are appointed by the court to represent children caught in the middle of high-conflict custody cases in Mecklenburg County.

Children are represented by attorneys, support staff, and volunteer advocates and attorneys of our Custody Advocacy Program.

They may be silent because no one told them their voice matters.

Juvenile Defense & Mental Health Practice Area

We are the court-appointed public defender to represent all children who have been accused of a crime or who face civil commitment to a mental health hospital or residential treatment facility in Mecklenburg County.

Children are represented by the attorneys, social workers, and support staff on our Children’s Defense Team.

Because of
your support,
all legal services
for children are
100% free.

Every child deserves people who will support their needs and recognize their value. People like you. You turn yelling into IEPs and degrees. You turn tears into stability and hope. You turn silence into advocacy and a better future.

When you value every child, you send value back to the heart of our schools, families and communities. You create a ripple effect beyond children’s lives. You help us build a more equitable place for all.