The State of Our Children Report

NEW 2020 Edition

This annual report — formerly known as State of Mecklenburg’s Children — has been produced by the Council for more than 30 years and has become a go-to resource for data on children and families in our community. We are excited to be providing this critical information to the community as a resource to support our community’s efforts to increase equity and opportunity for all our children.

Children and families do not exist in a vacuum but, rather, are embedded in our communities and in our systems. Specifically, systems such as education, healthcare, and justice, intersect with social determinants of health, to create a set of conditions within which children and families live, work, play, learn, and interact. Those conditions affect their quality of life and ability to thrive.

Together, this is our community, our children, and our challenge. Thank you in advance for your commitment to our common goal and we look forward to connecting with you.

Community Toolkit

For more information, or to take action, please visit the following resources.

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