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How to get started

Thank you for being a Host. Council for Children’s Rights wants to make your experience as easy and special as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Maggie Bean. We are here to make your night a success!

Sign up.

The first step is to let us know you’d like to be a host! Visit the sign up page here or email Maggie Bean. Either way you’ll automatically be registered.

Pick a date.

The event runs from Friday, April 9 through Monday, April 26. Pick the day that works for you. We will be in touch to find out what date you’ve selected.

Pick an activity.

There are four ways to participate: host a Zoom party, host an outdoor event, write letters, or share on social media. Learn more about each activity below.

Four activities to choose

(…or pick more than one!)

Host a ZOOM Party.

The safest way to see family and friends during the pandemic is through video conferencing like Zoom. Invite people to a 30-minute on-line “party” featuring a short presentation and video about the work of the Council. Add your own personal touch by sharing why you have chosen the children served by the Council for your support and philanthropy. To make the event even more special consider sending a bottle of wine or sweet treat to your guests before the party. See more great ideas in the Toolbox below (coming soon).

Host an outdoor event.

With vaccine rollouts underway and Spring temperatures on the rise, an outdoor get-together at your home, a local park or brewery might be a welcome diversion. Gather your friends and share why the Council has compelled you to bring them together. We will be providing materials to educate your guests on our work and fun treats to share with all ages in our Fundraiser-in-a-Box kit. Learn more about the box below.

Write letters to friends.

With social contact at a bare minimum these days, personal letters in the mail have become a novel treat and a way to stay safely connected to our community. We will supply you with a stationery kit (complete with pens, stamps and a bottle of wine) and a few scripts and tips for writing to your friends about your connection to the Council. 

Share on social media.

For the biggest reach consider doing a social media campaign. Invite your friends to watch a video (or film your own!) and learn about the life-changing work of the Council. Link to your online giving page and keep track of the gifts your friends are making. (And remember to thank them!) Learn more about our NEW online giving program and how to set up your personal giving page below.

The Toolbox


Who to invite and how to invite them

Sometimes when you start to create your guest list, your mind goes blank! This fun worksheet will help you uncover plenty of people in your social and professional circles who may be moved by our mission.

We recommend calling your guests first and then following up with an email. You can also invite friends on Facebook or with a social planning platform like Evite or Paperless Post.

Simply tell them you are throwing a fundraiser on behalf of Council for Children’s Rights along with many others throughout the community and you hope that they are able to join and learn more.


Plan your night

If you’re hosting a ZOOM or an outdoor event, we’ve provided some sample agendas to help you organize the party. You’ll find these helpful party planners in the “How To” Guide — as a PDF download below and as a booklet provided in your Fundraiser-in-a-Box.


Set up your online giving page

Setting up your online giving page is easy! Just CLICK HERE to get started and become a fundraiser for the Council.


Get your Fundraiser-in-a-Box delivery

I am sure you’re all asking “What’s in the box?” Here is the list! In a reusable expandable trunk organizer (a.k.a. the “box”) will be:

  • Wine curated by Porcupine Provisions
  • Yard Sign
  • Stationery Kit
  • Fairy Lights
  • Custom locally-made candle
  • Gourmet snacks
  • Coasters
  • Stickers and magnets
  • Note pads and pens
  • Stress balls
  • The “How To” Event Host Booklet
  • CFCR brochures
  • CFCR giving envelopes
  • PLUS — a few secret surprises!

Resources & Downloads

"How To" Event Planning Guide

Scripts for Invitations and Letters

Sample Copy and Agenda in Word

You can also find scripts for inviting guests and for letter writing in the “How To” Guide.

2021 CFCR Vision Video featuring Executive Director Heather Johnson, JD, MSW


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