Who We Help

2848317453_6d7d9a7bc5We Help Children Today

The children that we serve often have complex and overlapping issues, including:

  • severe mental health issues
  • special education needs
  • involvement with juvenile court
  • history of physical / sexual abuse
  • suffer from neglect
  • custody and visitation issues

The clients we serve would otherwise fall through the cracks of broken child-serving systems. Because many of the children come to us with complex and overlapping issues, we are committed to a holistic, team approach that considers the needs of the whole child.

Get Help/Contact Us

If you are looking for help for a child in need, the best way to contact us is via our Information and Referral Intake phone line and online form. Each request received will be reviewed by appropriate staff. You will be contacted within one week.

Information and Resources Phone Line: 704/943.9609
Referral and Guidance Email: gethelp@cfcrights.org

In the event of an emergency requiring law enforcement or medical assistance, dial 911.

Additional help for children can be found by referring to our Community Resource Guide.

Juvenile defense and custody cases are by court appointment only.  Individual advocacy cases are by court appointment or via referral from designated community partners. 

We Work For Children Of Tomorrow

We are committed to building a better future for all children through our systems advocacy efforts. The work we do daily on individual cases informs and directs the research and policy initiatives that we believe can lead to community wide change that affects all children.


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